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Bowling: a game passed down from our ancestors to enjoy with our loved ones

29 Nov 2019

History reveals that bowling has been enjoyed as a pastime in Egypt dating all the way back to 5200 BC when bowling looked a little different – there were not fancy facilities, not bright lights and the ball was actually made of stone! The rules differed a little from what we are familiar with today. Even though bowling has changed over the centuries, it’s still a popular sport in many countries worldwide for both adults and children alike.


The joy of bowling comes from quality time spent with friends and family around a lively game. This has been the goal from its inception, but how is an activity that was practiced in ancient Egypt still so strong and popular today?


Well, the history of bowling in Mexico is not quite as old as you may think. In fact, we just began to enjoy this game in the late 1960s after it arrived from our northern neighbor: The United States. Later, in the 80s, bowling received another popularity boost with the arrival of automatic scoring machines.


Nowadays, bowling is a sport in Mexico that is entertaining for all ages - children, youth and adults, no matter the level of expertise. It’s so popular that you can find bowling alleys in the most unexpected places! At Best Western hotels, we are always going out of our way to pamper our guests and we know how much fun bowling represents as a good family game. We actually have two courtesy, old-fashioned bowling lanes on our location in the beautiful Pueblo Magico: Patzcuaro – the Best Wester Plus Posada de Don Vasco.


If you want to have a classic family fun night and you are traveling near Patzcuaro – one of the most beautiful destinations in Mexico – we recommend staying at the Best Western Plus Posada de Don Vasco as your lodging option. We also have pool tables, ping pong tables, spacious tennis courts, an outdoor pool and a magnificent terrace that overlooks the lake of Patzcuaro and the island of Janitzio. A truly perfect family getaway in Mexico!


Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Best Western hotels will make sure your needs are covered and that you enjoy the best stay. Best Western Plus Posada de Don Vasco is located in the perfect location on the main avenue of Patzcuaro, just a few minutes from the historic city center and one of the lake’s docks.


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It’s said that today there are more than 100 million people around the world who bowl on a regular basis. Become one more of those people who enjoy bowling in Mexico. We are waiting for you!

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