Easter Week 2022 in Patzcuaro

Posada de Don Vasco

Easter Week 2022 in Patzcuaro

11 Mar 2022

Patzcuaro is the perfect combination of modern life and Purepecha traditions. As its name says, it is a gateway to heaven, its beautiful cobblestone streets and baroque and neoclassical churches will take you to the past, while touring the center you can see crafts, learn a little more about their traditions, soak up the delicious cuisine of this region. 

Touring this place will delight all your senses, from your sight, smell and of course, taste. In addition to the many activities you can do when visiting Patzcuaro, this is a traditional destination to visit during Easter week this 2022. 

Take a tour around Patzcuaro and discover all that awaits you at the gateway to heaven.

What to do during Easter Week in Patzcuaro?

One of the most well-known, traditional and appreciated Magic Towns by Mexicans is Patzcuaro. In this picturesque municipality, you will find yourself surrounded by a blue lake and an immense variety of places to visit that will make your experience enriching.

Visit the House of the 11 Patios in Patzcuaro

Put on your most comfortable shoes and go for a walk through the House of the 11 patios, a must-visit when you are in Patzcuaro, in this set of colonial buildings you will find lots of handicrafts, and you can see some workshops where master craftsmen work.

Wooden handicrafts market

If one of your objectives when visiting Patzcuaro this Easter is to buy handicrafts, a visit to the Wooden Handicrafts Market is a must. This is located on the general pier, where you will find a great variety of handmade and finely decorated wooden figures, as well as works in copper, papier-mâché, tinplate, ceramics, wrought iron, and wool and yarn textiles. 

Take a stroll along the general pier

Enjoy the weather and go for a stroll along the general pier, from here boats depart to Janitzio and the rest of the islands of Lake Patzcuaro. Also, along the pier you can delight your palate with several of the typical foods of the region such as Patzcuaro white fish, Tarascan soup, corundas and take a hand-ground metate chocolate, we assure you will love it. 

Visit the Cerro del Estribo lookout point

If you want to spend a day with your friends, family or couple, this is the right place for you, you can make a barbecue, as there is a kiosk with tables and grills and also have an unparalleled view of Patzcuaro and much of the lake.

Another attraction of this viewpoint is that it is built on an extinct volcano that is reached by a beautiful cobblestone road surrounded by trees.

Take a tour of churches and cathedrals

If there is something Patzcuaro is famous for, it is for its traditions, great churches and beautiful cathedrals that adorn every inch of this town. You can take a whole day to visit the Basilica of Our Lady of Health, the most important temple of Patzcuaro that worships the patron saint of the region: The Virgin of Health, or you can also walk the halls of the Temple and College of the Society of Jesus, which is currently the House of Culture, a place full of art and history.

Every Holy Week, the Patzcuaro region offers a wide variety of cultural, artistic and religious events, among which stand out the Procession of Christs, the Procession of Silence and the Altars of Dolores. If you want to learn more about the most deeply rooted traditions of the region, stay at the Posada de Don Vasco hotel that offers all kinds of amenities, such as a swimming pool, tennis court and even a chapel

In our hotel you can relax, enjoy the flavor of Patzcuaro in our restaurant and spend an incredible night in one of our rooms, do not hesitate and book a room at Posada de Don Vasco. 

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