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Pátzcuaro’s commitment to the environment, replacing single-use plastic with natural alternatives

09 Apr 2019

A few months ago (in April 2019 to be more exact), the authorities of Pátzcuaro made the wise decision to ban single-use plastics in this beautiful “Pueblo Magico”. In the face of today’s ongoing environmental crisis, Mexico in particular has taken some heavy hits, which is why this measure is being applauded, respected and, of course, copied.

The creation of single-use plastics, such as disposable plates, cups, straws, grocery bags and unicel, revolutionized food presentation and storage. But what makes plastic so convenient in our day-to-day lives also makes it ominous to our planet. Plastic packaging accounts for nearly half of all non-biodegradable waste globally, most of which is used for only a few minutes before ending up in our garbage and on our streets, fields and oceans, causing irreparable damage to the environment. However, these plastics are not essential for life - which is why more and more cities and towns are taking to the “zero plastics” measure like the one being taken in Pátzcuaro.
How is the "zero plastics" measure being implemented in Pátzcuaro?
Since the by-law was first announced, it was mentioned that this new measure would be implemented gradually so as not to affect the people and businesses who depend on plastics as part of their income. However, some creative merchants embraced the change and adopted the new law immediately. One example is what some of the local food vendors have started doing: they phased out the disposable dishes for cabbage leaves. What an excellent idea! So, even when you’ve finished the food you bought, your plate is also delicious and nutritious!
The purpose of this environmental measure is to protect our natural resources as well as ensure that the people of Pátzcuaro live in a community that is adequate for their health and success.
Of course, the hotels in Pátzcuaro are also adapting to this initiative, and we at Best Western Plus Posada de Don Vasco are committed to doing our part to helping our planet.
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