Janitzio island

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Visit Janitzio, one of the main tourist attractions in Michoacan

29 Dec 2019

It’s an island full of mysticism that holds a peculiar charm and has become the object of inspiration for writes, filmmakers and artists of all kinds.  


It is located in the beautiful Patzcuaro lake, just one hour and a half away from the city of Morelia. Probably one of its main charms, is the way that the indigenous community has preserved their customs throughout the years, like the purepecha language, that can be heard on the streets of the island, as well as their traditional clothing, packed with color and symbolism.


The ambiance felt in the island of Janitzio is filled with mysticism thanks to the deeply rooted tradition of celebrating and keeping close contact with the dead. In fact, the impressive “Day of the Dead” celebrations held in Janitzio is recognized worldwide, and while the event can be experienced all throughout Mexico, no where else is it celebrated as fervently as it is here. This is why, visitors from all over the globe travel to Janitzio each year during the first two days of November.

Janitzio Island 

While visiting the island, you can take a stroll down the picturesque streets where you will find dozens of food stands with local delicacies that you will most likely won’t be able to resist.

One of the main attractions in Janitzio is the stone statue of Jose Maria Morelos, an important independence hero native of the state of Michoacan, erected at the top of the island. In its interior you can find murals made by Ramón Alva de la Canal who narrates the story of Morelos, as well as several lookouts where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Patzcuaro Lake. On the other hand, if you like to spill adrenaline, here you can also find a fun zip line with a length of more than 1 kilometer (.62 miles) that connects the island of Janitzio with the island of Tecuena. 

If you are visiting Morelia, we would like to invite you to visit Janitzio. Crossing the lake to get there and observing the traditional fishermen with their butterfly shaped nets is another captivating charm found at this place.


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Foto: granlogiamichoacana.org

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