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Visit Santa Fe de la Laguna, Michoacan - One of the places that inspired the Disney movie “Coco”

01 Jul 2019
It’s well known that the creators of the Disney movie “Coco” relied on several destinations within Mexico for inspiration. Santa Fe de la Laguna, Michoacan happens to be one of them and it’s located just 45 minutes from the Magic Town Patzcuaro.
The town is considered to be one of the oldest towns in Michoacan, where the culture and traditions of the Purepecha people still run strong. It’s thanks to these deep-rooted traditions, along with picturesque landscapes, and the peculiar way of worshiping those who have passed which allowed Santa Fe de la Laguna to become one of the main inspirations for the movie Coco. It is even said that the character of "Mama Coco" is based on a lady who lives in the town.
Another reason Santa Fe de la Laguna has gained such historical importance is thanks to Don Vasco de Quiroga, the beloved first bishop of Michoacan, who founded the first hospital here. This type of institution was not just a place to treat the sick, but an entire social organization to help those in need.
Visiting Santa Fe de la Laguna is a bit like travelling back in time. On your next visit to this beautiful Pueblo Magico, don’t forget to experience the extraordinary work that the Don Vasco de Quiroga did for the inhabitants of the Purepecha region, and incidentally admire a fascinating town that conquered the hearts of millions through one of the years most captivating films. While you’re here, take some time to simply stroll through the streets, the churches, taste the delicious local cuisine, admire the beautiful works of artisans and learn more about its captivating history.
On your next trip to Patzcuaro make sure to leave room on your itinerary for a trip to Santa Fe de la Laguna.
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Photo: Purépecha
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