What to do near Patzcuaro? Get to know Lake Camécuaro in Michoacán

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What to do near Patzcuaro? Get to know Lake Camécuaro in Michoacán

21 Mar 2022

Just 15 minutes from Patzcuaro you will find a place that will captivate your senses, a wonder of the state of Michoacán: Lake Camécuaro, a place of clean and crystalline waters, this natural wonder has an extension of 1,400 meters long and 100 meters wide. 

Coming from the Purepecha language, Cuémecuaro means "bathing place". And of course, it is the perfect name, since very close by you can refresh yourself in hot springs pools. 

At Lake Camecuaro you can enjoy the natural beauty of the site, appreciate lush ash trees, junipers and other nature that make it a magical and unique place with a legend that will enchant you. Come and spend a day full of activities, joy and fun in this lake of Michoacán!

Legend of Lake Camécuaro

Camecuaro, besides offering us magnificent landscapes and an infinity of activities, also gives us a legend, a tragic love story between the Purepecha princess Huanita and Tangáxhuan. The legend says that the princess was kidnapped by a priest named Candó, who kept her hidden in a lagoon in Cutzé. Huanita cried so much that with her tears she was able to form the lake of Camécuaro. 

When Tangáxhuan went to rescue his princess, on his way he saw Candó in the distance; with his bow he shot an arrow that pierced the priest and stuck in a juniper tree, which broke and from there a spring of green water gushed forth. 

Both tragic and beautiful, this story of this love beautifies and springs from Lake Camécuaro National Park, now that you know the legend, surely you are wondering what to do in this amazing lake. Don't worry, we have a list of the 4 best things to do in Lake Camécuaro. Join us…

What to do in Camécuaro? 

Swim in the lake of Camécuaro

Put on your bathing suit, don't forget the sunscreen and dive into the lake of Camécuaro, seeing the crystal clear waters will make you want to dive right away. 

If you are adventurous, there are very deep areas where you can even dive or snorkel thanks to the crystal clear waters of the lake, you will have the opportunity to see the fish up close and feel how they swim around you. There are other shallow areas, such as the small natural pools that are formed in this lake, where your little ones can have hours of fun.

Trout fishing

Fancy a bite to eat? There are places near the lake where you can do it, but imagine the satisfaction of catching your own food. Don't forget your fishing gear, and from the shore of the lake you can catch one of the many trout. When you do, you can ask for a grill to prepare your meal with the sunset in the background.

Take a boat ride 

A different way to appreciate the plants and fish is to take a 30-minute boat ride, the boat capacity is for 6 people, so you can enjoy this ride with your friends or family; it is recommended that you bring your life jacket for safety.

Camping on the shores of Lake Camécuaro

Another of the benefits of visiting Lake Camécuaro, is that you can also visit it at dusk and set up a tent and camp with your partner, friends or family, sleeping here you will only hear the sweet chirping of crickets and the gentle swell of the water. It is recommended that you do not go swimming, because due to the darkness you will not be able to see the rocks or the depth of the water. 

However, if camping is not for you, we have an option that you will love. 

Stay at Posada de Don Vasco in Patzcuáro

The Posada de Don Vasco has five hectares of splendid gardens, a games room, tennis court, swimming pool, an incredible terrace overlooking the lake and the island of Janitzio, its own chapel, two restaurants offering exquisite regional cuisine and a 400-meter track to run, walk and spend incredible moments with your travel companions.

Best Western Plus Posada Don Vasco assures you a happy stay, book a room and get to know Patzcuaro and its surroundings. 

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