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What is Holy Week and why live it in Patzcuaro

14 Feb 2020
Here we tell you everything you need to know about a unique Holly Week in the world

The Procession of Christs, in the colonial scenario of Pátzcuaro, is a very impressive tradition full of colors and aromas that seem to carry you back in time. An experience that allows you to live first-hand the culture of the region, while you discover the wonders of this Magic Town.

Holy Week at “La Puerta del Cielo”: Pátzcuaro

Everyone knows that Pátzcuaro is a beautiful Magic Town, to be visited during any time of the year. However, it has some special dates in those that it is wrapped by a mystic and unique atmosphere, in which it is to recommend visiting it. And Holy Week is certainly one of them. 

"La Puerta del Cielo" (Heaven's Door), as the Magic Town is also known, has a particular approach to this tradition, offering many cultural events that are appealing to believers, agnostics and atheists alike.

Here we will tell you how this tradition of Holy Week is lived in Patzcuaro, why it is unique and how to enjoy it to the fullest.

During Holy Week we commemorate the Passion of Christ, that is to say, the entrance to Jerusalem (Palm Sunday and the preview of Easter), the Last Supper (Holy Thursday), death (Good Friday), Holy Saturday (of Glory), in which the vigil of the resurrection is held commemorating the burial; and the resurrection of Jesus Christ of Nazareth (Holy Sunday), Easter Sunday. 

And the Christian faithful all over the world maintain a heartfelt tradition in which Holy Thursday and Good Friday are commemorated as the death of Christ; Glory Saturday; and Easter Sunday itself. 

But how is this lived out at "La Puerta del Cielo"?

The Peculiar Altars of Sorrow

If there is one thing that is part of the Magic Town of Pátzcuaro, it is the altars. If you want to know the peculiar way in which this tradition is lived in “La Puerta del Cielor” you should visit it on the Friday before Holy Week 2020 itself, and see the “Altars of Sorrow” that open up all over the town, from the most emblematic places of the Magic Town, to the private homes of the devotees.

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is experienced in a very special way in Patzcuaro. From early morning, thousands of devotees carry their bouquets, palms in handcrafted fabrics, to be blessed in one of the churches of this deeply colonial Magic Town, in a very fascinating cultural symbiosis, and Holy Week 2020 is formally initiated.

Last Supper Representation

On Maundy Thursday there is usually a free performance of the Last Supper in Plaza Vasco Quiroga.  A beautiful opportunity to live alone or in the company of your choice.

Procession of Christs 

On Good Friday, the Procession of Christs takes place, which in context with the colonial tone of Pátzcuaro, makes it a very impressive tradition, which seems to transport you in time. This allows you to intensely experience the procession. 

On the same day, a group of actors performs a reenactment of the Stations of the Cross on their way to Calvary.

Procession of silence

For Glory Saturday, or Holy Saturday, this Magical Town holds an impressive surprise. Members of “The Brotherhood of the Hooded Third Order of the Temple of San Francisco” lead (hooded as their name suggests) a procession that is joined by people from the parish, tourists and local devotees.

On the same day, at night, “The Burning of Judas” takes place, who is represented by a doll and burned for the betrayal of Christ.

Resurrection Sunday in Patzcuaro

The most significant day, Easter Sunday, celebrates the resurrection of Christ, thus ending a unique Holy Week 2020 in the world.

Holy Week Chicaleras in Pátzcuaro and traditional flea markets

Another peculiarity of this tradition in “La Puerta del Cielo” are the handcrafted flea markets where we can get a souvenir of our visit.

And of course, to taste of the native gastronomy that only the chicaleras, cookers of the community Pichátaro, can offer, once again, giving place to a very interesting cultural mix, you will find them at San Francisco's square.

To keep in mind

It may seem obvious, but when the crucial days come, it often becomes a serious problem if you haven't booked a room in time. As this is a tourist city and Holy Week is a very busy period it is difficult to make a reservation when the dates are close. So booking in advance is at the top in our priority scale to enjoy this tradition that is lived unique in the world.

The next thing to consider if you are not from Pátzcuaro, is the location of the hotel. It should be within reach of churches and Holy Week 2020 events. So the best option is Best Western Plus Posada de Don Vasco, the hotel with the best location in Patzcuaro, and pure comfort, ensuring a pleasant stay.

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When are Semana Santa and Easter Week 2020?

And of course you have to keep in mind the dates with anticipation. Holy Week 2020 starts April 5th, Palm Sunday, and is followed by Holy Monday on April 6th; Holy Tuesday on April 7th; Holy Wednesday on April 8th; Holy Thursday on April 9th; Holy Friday on April 10th; Glory Saturday on April 11th; and Resurrection Sunday (Easter) on April 12th. Followed by Easter week.

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