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Posada de Don Vasco


Traditional Cuisine of Pátzcuaro: Authentic Flavors for Winter

Discover the Magic of Patzcuaro Lake: A Treasure in the Heart of Mexico

Discover the history and activities at Lake Patzcuaro and stay at the Posada de Don Vasco

Exploring the Natural Treasures of Pátzcuaro: Hiking in a Michoacán Paradise

Discover the natural beauty of Pátzcuaro, relax, and take a break from the hectic city life.

What to eat in Patzcuaro?

Indulge in Mexico's finest cuisine, explore Patzcuaro, and be amazed by its culinary delights!

Patzcuaro during Easter Week

We invite you to spend Easter Week in Patzcuaro. You can't miss it!

What to do in January in Patzcuaro?

Tour Patzcuaro in January! Start the year on the right foot