What to do in the islands of Lake Patzcuaro? Find out with Posada de Don Vasco!

Posada de Don Vasco

What to do in the islands of Lake Patzcuaro? Find out with Posada de Don Vasco!

14 Jul 2022

On the shores of Lake Patzcuaro, you will find a town of Purepecha origin. When you visit Patzcuaro, you will have hundreds of things to do, you can walk and fall in love with its cobblestone streets and enjoy the beautiful sky full of fluffy white clouds. 

You will be able to enjoy its delicious gastronomy, and delight yourself tasting pickled trout and caldo michi, prepared with the catch of the day. In addition, if you are looking for tradition, crafts and history, Patzcuaro is the right place; you can marvel at the ingenuity of its artisans, masters of pottery, wood carving and wrought iron, all present in every corner of this town. 

Another of Patzcuaro's great attractions is the lake and its islands, the most famous of which is Janitzio. Few people know that Janitzio is not the only island within the famous Lake Patzcuaro, as it shares its charm and attraction with other equally wonderful islands. Each one of them has its own charm, learn more about it here! 

If you want to know a little more about them, keep reading! We'll give you a little tour, so you can fall in love with Patzcuaro.

What are the islands of Patzcuaro? 

The first thing you should do if you want to visit any of these islands is to get ready, so put on your most comfortable clothes, pack water, sunscreen and head to the pier of Patzcuaro, which you will find less than 10 minutes from the hotel Posada de Don Vasco. 

Besides being able to take you to the islands, at the pier you will find a great variety of handicrafts of the region, as well as restaurants and places with the most delicious snacks, you can't miss it! 

Jarácuaro Island

This island in Patzcuaro is connected to the mainland by a bridge, which is so strong that it allows access to vehicles. The island of Jarácuaro was dedicated by its first settlers to the goddess Xaratanga, who was a lunar divinity. Here you will find a temple dating from the 16th century and the chapel of the Nativity. 

Jarácuaro is the land of the famous danza de los viejitos (dance of the old men), and is full of history and traditions, as its inhabitants still preserve the Purepecha language and customs.

At the end of your tour of Jarácuaro, don't forget to take home its star handicraft: a palm hat. Take a tour of the Cardom Hat Shop, an artisan workshop that still preserves the ancestral techniques of making high quality hats, but always preserving the tradition. 

Pacanda Island

This island has a privileged location in the central part of Lake Patzcuaro, here you can enjoy a small inland lagoon where you can observe ducks, herons and carps. It has traditional architecture and a great tranquility that invites you to rest and appreciate nature. 

You can go on walking or biking tours through the town to learn about the local culture.

Tecuena Island

Tecuena is the smallest of the islands of Lake Patzcuaro, its name means “good honey” and here you can climb to the viewpoint from which you can contemplate Lake Patzcuaro. 

On this island, besides resting, you can do an activity that allows you to appreciate the lake, the weather and have a lot of fun; we are talking about a zip line that connects Tecuena with Janitzio, it is considered the longest in Michoacan, as it has a length of 1,200 meters.

Yunuen Island

If in addition to resting, you are looking for fun, Yunuen Island in Patzcuaro is for you. Enjoy the outdoors by kayaking, canoeing, zip-lining, and heron watching. You can also enjoy some local food while marveling at the vegetation and fruit trees that surround it. 

Hotel in downtown Patzcuaro, stay at the Posada de Don Vasco

To get to know all the islands of Patzcuaro, and in addition, get to know the center, and enjoy the gastronomy and activities, you need more than one night. That's why we invite you to stay in a hotel in downtown Patzcuaro, where the points of interest of this city will be just minutes away. 

Book a room at Posada de Don Vasco to enjoy amenities such as its swimming pool, tennis court and game room for the whole family. 

Besides, you will have the best of Patzcuaro right at your table, don't forget to visit our restaurants, and let yourself be surprised by the gastronomy of Michoacan. 

We are waiting for you! 

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